Authors of Cumulus

The idea for Cumulus was born at 2002 by:

  • André Somers
  • Eggert Ehmke

They did write the first releases by reusing parts of KFLog. André was the project manager. In November 2006 André passed the leadership to Axel Pauli.

Project manager of Cumulus

Axel Pauli
Axel Pauli

Hi I’m Axel Pauli. I’m a member of the Cumulus team since November 2003. In November 2006 I became the project manager and maintainer of Cumulus. I took over the project from André as the end of Cumulus was in view. The hardware produced by Sharp were no longer available and the Software based on Qtopia/Opie and Qt 2.x were also at the end of live and there were no real alternatives in sight. Suddenly came Kate Alhola, today the maemo chief engineer at Nokia, and spoke about a Nokia Internet Tablet 770 with a Linux OS. She made a port of Cumulus by using Qt3 but the N770 was too slow in its performance. As the succsessor the N800 came on the market in 2007 I thought about a portage of Cumulus to this device. At last it needs a year to do the portage in my free time. The base of the port was the Qt4 release and the differences between Qtopia 2.x to Qt4 were huge, partly a rewrite of many classes. But with the help of Eggert and Josh the goal was reached in summer 2008.

Then the decision of Nokia in 2011 to go together with Windows. A new device platform had to be searched and found with Google’s Android. Josh did a first port in 2011, which was the base for me to complete it in 2012.

Who am I?

I live in Berlin in Germany, have studied informatics and technology and do work as software engineer. I have a lot experience with C, C++, Java, software engineering. Flying is my first hobby. I have gliding and ultralight flying licenses and the instructor licenses for both. My flying home base is EDCE (Eggersdorf).

You can directly contact me via the email adress

Don’t hesitate to do that, if you have a problem with Cumulus or if you want to bring in new features or if you have an idea, what new feature should be included into Cumulus… Of course you can also use the cumulus mailing lists for that.

Other contributors

From time to time different people has brought in ideas and contributions into Cumulus.

  • Derrick Steed
  • Eckhard Völlm (author of the NMEA simulator)
  • Eggert Ehmke
  • Hendrik Müller
  • Hendrik Hoeth
  • Josua Dietze (first port to Android)
  • Michael Enke
  • Peter Turczak
  • Robin King
  • Stephan Danner

KFLog developers who have written the template for Cumulus