Welcome to the map room of the KFLog project. Here you can find the ground and terrain maps to use with KFLog and Cumulus. We provide map files for the entire world, 1.8 GB in total.

Aeronautical Data

The KFLog project distinguishes between two types of aeronautical data: airspace structures and airports, airfields and outlanding data.

Ground and Terrain Maps

These files contain the shore line, the contour lines of the terrain and all roads, railways, cities, rivers, etc. While the shore line and the rivers, … are taken from the DCW (digital chart of the world), the terrain data is taken from the GTOPO30 and SRTM data to provide a more detailed contour. The following map files types are in us:

  • G_XXXXX.kfl — Ground files. Basically a land/sea mask.
  • T_XXXXX.kfl — Terrain files. This is ground elevation data.
  • M_XXXXX.kfl — Mapdata files. Roads, rivers, lakes, cities, …
  • L_XXXXX.kfl — Landmark files. Towers, mines, ruins, train stations, … (not used in Cumulus)

The XXXXX specifies the tile number. It is based on the center latitude and longitude of the tile. The entire world is divided into 2° x 2° sections, so called tiles. The tile numbering starts with 0 and ends with 16.199, in total 16.200 tiles, whereas every tile type is put in a single file. The tile counting starts at 90°N, 180°W and runs eastwards through the longitudes and southwards through the latitudes.

We recommend to install at least the ground files because otherwise you will get no land at all.


At the moment we have to different versions of ground and terrain files. The old variant has to be used for all KFLog releases less than 2.2.0 or Cumulus releases less than 2.4.0. You can download the map files as single tiles or as tar ball for a predefined region. The last mentioned is the recommend one.

  • Get the maps of a region as tar ball
  • Directory with all tile files in old format (Note, loading can take a while in a browser!)
  • Directory with all tile files in new format (Note, loading can take a while in a browser!)

Note! Normally you do not need to download the map files by hand. KFLog and Cumulus do that automatically, if they miss map files. You will be asked in that case if you allow the download from the Internet.