Cumulus 5.26.0

Hi list,

Today I released new cumulus packages for all provided platforms as Ubuntu, Debian, Nokia Internet Tablets N8x0, N900 and Android.

Here are to find the download links for them:

The Android package is provided at Google Play

The link to the Cumulus Release page

The complete changelog

The closed issue list

Note! There is an important change in the task management. Takeoff and Landing points are not more required by the IGC in a task declaration. These points have been removed in the task editor in Cumulus now.

So a task declaration in Cumulus consists of:

  • start point
  • optionally one or more turn points
  • finish point

The old taskfile is migrated by Cumulus automatically. If there are problems in this migration, please contact me.

The former takeoff and landing point is set to 0 in the C-record of the cumulus IGC logfile. The same is done, if the task is uploaded to Flarm by Cumulus. Please note the following. All point names of a task to be uploaded to Flarm should use only plain ASCII characters from the code range (32…127). All other characters will cause an error message from the Flarm device during upload. For German umlauts ÄÖÜäöü and ß I have added a workaround to handle that automatically.

  • Cumulus provides as new feature now keyhole sectors for turnpoints.
  • The taskpoint editor make it now possible to see and edit the basic details of a taskpoint as name, description, elevation, coordinates.
  • Cumulus checks now, if a task fulfills the rules for a DMSt Viereck.
  • On the settings personal page you can choose very easy now your home airfield, if airfield data are available. You can open a search list and select a new home site in this list via a search mask. After OK that new data will replace the former data.

Have fun with Cumulus …

greetings Axel 😉