Here you’ll find an overview of the most important Cumulus features. Not all details are mentioned, so if you want to know if a certain thing is possible, please check the documentation or ask on our mailinglist.

  • Full color moving map display, with airspaces, airfields, elevations, cities, roads, railroads, water, etc.
  • Waypoint selection with automatic map zoom
  • Waypoint information display with the key features of the selected waypoint
  • Information on airspace structures, read from OpenAir or openAIP data files
  • Information on airfields, read from Welt 2000 or openAIP data files
  • Add, edit & delete waypoints on the PDA itself
  • Key-only operation, if hardware keypad is available
  • Highly configurable map
  • User configurable units: choose the units you’re comfortable with
  • Multiple gliders can be configured with all relevant information
  • Visual representation of glider polar
  • Airspace warnings
  • IGC logfile creation
  • GPS status display
  • FLARM radar view, list view and alias list
  • FLARM IGC flight download and upload of a flight task (IGC FLARM only)
  • Quering of airport weather reports (METAR and TAF)
  • Live tracking of your flight over the Internet
  • Manual mode if no GPS is connected
  • Task support with photo sectors, start and finish line, observation cylinders and automatic switch to the next turnpoint
  • Visual indication of direction to and reachability of waypoint on the map
  • Basic final glide support with glidepath information per waypoint
  • Automatic wind calculation, visualized on the map
  • Calculation of sunrise and sunset time for airfields and waypoints
  • Online help documentation on the PDA

Don’t forget to check out our screenshots page to get an impression of Cumulus in action. Note, that the screenshots are taken from the first cumulus generation.

Comparison to other programs

If you are interested in how Cumulus compares to other programs, Cumulus Soaring, Inc. (not related to this project) has created an interesting comparison table. Although not 100% percent accurate (understandably so), it gives a pretty good overview over what Cumulus and other programs can and can’t do.