The old KFLog release 2.2.0 can be used only under KDE 3.x.

We recommend at least a display using 16bit color-depth. If you run your X with only 8bit, you will get a very poor map.

Like most KDE-applications, KFLog is supposed to run under several Unix-Systems. We have tested KFLog under different Linux-distributions as well as under Solaris. If you have KFLog running under other systems, we would be pleased to hear about.

KFLog 2.2.0 for KDE 3 and Qt3 (not more maintained)

KFLog 2.2.0 is the last stable version made by using Qt3. There are lots of improvements compared to the old 2.1.1 release. Just to name a few: Support for our updated terrain and ground map files, OpenAir airspace files, support for the WELT2000 airfield database, improved flight evaluation, improved logger communication, support for the Cambridge 302 flight recorder, ...

Don't forget to get the maps in our maproom. The packages below do not contain any mapfiles.


Binary package

We are always happy to receive packages for distributions we don't offer yet. If you have built such a binary, feel free to send us the package.

KFLog 4 - The next generation of KFLog pure Qt4 based

KFLog 4 is the next generation of KFLog made by using the Qt4.8.x release. All former KDE parts are removed, so KFLog is a pure Qt application now. The current test release is available here:

The package is installed at /opt/kflog. To start KFLog call /opt/kflog/bin/kflog.

User and map data are stored under the user's home directory ~/KFLog/... Under this directory a subdirectory mapdata is to find, where in further subdirectories the related map data are stored. Landscape and airfield data are downloaded automatically, if the user permit that. Airspace data must be installed by hand in the directory ~/KFLog/mapdata/airspaces. Note, that only the OpenAir data format is supported.

Daily snapshots


Currently we have only an outdated German user handbook for KFLog. If somebody is interested in translating it, please feel free to do it :-)

This article, published by the German Aerokurier, also gives a brief overview.