Aeronautical Data

Welt2000 Data

KFLog and Cumulus use the Welt2000 file, created and maintained by Michael Meier called Milomei (Hamburg, Germany), to get information about airports, airfields and outlanding points. The Welt2000 file can be downloaded manually from here but KFLog and Cumulus do that automatically, if you allow that. The Welt2000 data file have to be installed at $HOME/[KFLog|Cumulus]/mapdata/airfields/ or at your selected map directory. For Cumulus please have a look into the online help to find the preferred install location.

Michael Meier died on the 7th January 2008 aged 71 following severe illness but his work is continued here.

There is one request from us. If you make necessary corrections on the data of the Welt2000 file, please report all your changes to the guys, who maintain the source. Their email address is to find in the header part of the Welt2000 file or at this web page. We all should help to keep up to date the Welt2000 source and thanks the guys who do this work.

openAIP – Worldwide aviation database

There is a project openAIP to find under this link which provides aeronautical data for download. You have to create your own account at the webpage and then you can download data from there. Furthermore you can make corrections on existing data and bring in own contributions. At the moment 4 different data sets are provided.

  • Airports
  • Airspaces
  • Navigational aids
  • Thermal hotspots

Cumulus is able to import airport, navigational aid and thermal hotspot data from openAIP in the .api file format via its pre-flight waypoint page.

Note! If you import airfield data into Cumulus you should exclude the parallel loading of them. Please deactivate the loading of Welt2000 airfield data in such a case.