Getting Involved


As any open-source project, Cumulus can’t exist without the participation of other people. Cumulus is being build by a loose group of enthusiasts around in their spare time, and to make Cumulus better, we need all the help we can get. The easiest thing you can do is to provide feedback. The more feedback, the better. However, instead of just saying “it doesn’t work”, please try to be as clear as possible on exactly what doesn’t work as you would expect it, what you did to trigger it, and what you expected would happen. Also, it would help if you are available to answer some questions and do some experimentation to help the developers track down the issue. This way, we are able to actually use your report and improve Cumulus.

Contribute code

If you are able to handle C++ (or willing to learn), you might be able to implement one or more features from our plan-list or fix some bugs. Download the source code from the website, and start hacking. It might be a good idea to confer with the team on what you’re planning to do, so we can help you and perhaps suggest a way it can be integrated into Cumulus. Please expect some criticism on your initial efforts. They are not meant to put you down, but to help you improve the quality of your work, and thereby, of Cumulus.

Please start by providing your work in the form of patches (using diff -u). In a later stage, we can provide you with direct access to our subversion system, making it easier to contribute and keep your sources in sync.

Other contributions

You can’t program, but you can draw? We can use your skills too! Some artwork for the site and/or the program would be very welcome!

OK… So, you’re not a programmer, not an artist, and you still want to help out? Maybe you can contribute a translation into a currently not supported language or maintain an existing translation! Currently only English and German translations are available, so there are plenty languages left in which Cumulus can be translated. Contact the team via the mailinglist if you want to contribute, and we’ll guide you through the steps of translating Cumulus.

We could also use better documentation, so if you want to write about how to use cumulus, how to set it up, or anything other related, please contact the team using our mailinglist. Of course, helping other users with their questions on this list is also a great way to help out!