Welcome to the KFLog-Project-Family

The KFLog-Family is a suite of free OpenSource programs aiming at flight planning and flight analysis for gliders. The suite consists of two applications:

  • KFLog is a flight planning and post flight analysis application running on a Linux desktop like Debian, Ubuntu and various other Unix-Systems.
  • Cumulus is a flight navigation computer for glider pilots and running on PDSs. It is Linux based and uses the Nokia Internet Tablets N8x0, N900 as well as many Android devices as hardware base.

Both applications are meant to be used in combination but can also be used stand-alone.

Worldwide Digital Maps

We provide digital maps, containing shorelines, contour lines of the terrain and all roads, railways, cities, rivers, etc. The maps can be downloaded in our maproom for the whole world for free. Besides, both applications ship with integrated support for automatic download of required maps.