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20.07.09 15:25 Age: 8 yrs

KFLog version 2.2.0 released

By: Hendrik

KFLog 2.2.0

Hi all,

at 2009-07-16 I've released the new KFLog version 2.2.0. This is now the current stable version. Compared to the old 2.1.1 release this new version contains many bugfixes, as well as new and improved features. Just to name a few: Support for our updated terrain and ground map files, OpenAir airspace files, support for the WELT2000 airfield database, improved flight evaluation, improved logger communication, support for the Cambridge 302 flight recorder, ...

On the download page http://www.kflog.org/kflog/download/ you find source tarballs as well as an Ubuntu binary package.

Our next plans are to migrate KFLog to Qt4 and make it independent of KDE. There will be bugfixes for the 2.2.x series, but I will concentrate my work on the new series now.

Nice flights,