25.12.11 11:03 Il y a: 5 yrs

Cumulus package 2.12.0 released

Auteur : Axel Pauli

Cumulus 2.12.0

Hi List,

I added some new features to Cumulus e.g. drawing of city labels, relative bearing info display at the map, if a target is selected, drawing of a line in flight direction, display of current flight time. Furthermore some bugs are fixed and the user interface of some widgets were partly modified.

The N8x0 built was done by using Qt4.8.0.

To download the different Debian packages for the Nokia Internet Tablets N8x0 and N900 go to The German language package is device independently. The whole Changelog is to find here:

Have fun with Cumulus, feedbacks are always welcome.

Merry X-Mas Axel